July 18, 2017


Yan-kit So’s Classic Chinese Cookbook  is a perfect gateway to the country’s cooking.

Here, food writer Fuchsia Dunlop recalls her friendship with its author.

Plus  five  brilliant  recipes...

July 15, 2017

Summer 2018 - Y/Project - Glenn MARTENS - New Designer Talent

Y/Project Summer 2018

Antwerp-trained designer Glenn Martens took the helm at Parisian menswear brand  Y/Project in 2013 and immediately introduced a womenswear collection. 

Did you know? 
Martens runs a democratic design studio, where, he says, "An intern has as much influence proposing a solution as I do." 

"I've seen some of the most interesting and unexpected shapes of the season from Y/Project. I love the opulent streetwear aesthetic, but when you feel and see the pieces up close, you'll be amazed by the couture techniques." – Philippa Holden, Designerwear Buyer

July 10, 2017

Tucked Away Between l'ESTéREL and the Sea... The Superb Restaurant - l'OR BLEU - and Chef Guillaume ANOR

01 Chef Or Bleu Restaurant
Il faut foncer découvrir la belle cuisine de ce jeune chef décidé, inventif, ­talentueux à L'Or Bleu.

La vie - la belle - est faite  d'heureuses  découvertes.

Passé La Napoule... la route longe la Méditerranée pour mener - tout près - à Théoule-sur-Mer à 11 kilomètres de Cannes.

Planté sur la falaise, construit presque sur la mer, se blottit l'hôtel Tiara Yaktsa... discret et bien caché.

L'Or Bleu, Hôtel Tiara Yaktsa, 6, boulevard de l'Esquillon, 06590 Théoule-sur-Mer (

Maurice Beaudoin


July 04, 2017

ZAIYU HASEGAWA - Championing Hospitality In Cooking

Zaiyu Hasegawa: Championing Hospitality in Cooking

 Winner  of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants ’ “Art of Hospitality”  award  this year, DEN by chef  Zaiyu Hasegawa  has not only quickly cemented its worldwide fame for taste-focused, joy-filled  kaiseki, but also become much loved for playful and unique hospitality.

Hasegawa’s  cooking is a creative spin on Japanese  multi-course haute cuisine... known as kaiseki.

In a traditional kaiseki meal, chefs prepare around 10 or more small dishes, which are served to diners one at a time. Ingredients used in kaiseki cooking are hyper-seasonal...  premium quality and a specific provenance...

July 02, 2017

SPAIN Meets ‘WASHOKU’ - Three Top JAPANESE CHEFS Take Their Expertise ABROAD

A cut above: Sushi maestro Takaaki Sugita demonstrates his knife skills in Barcelona. 
Robbie Swinnerton

This is an   era  of gastronomic collaboration.

Chefs fly from one continent to another, swapping kitchens, recipes and sometimes even their homes. But rarely does this restless cross-fertilization  of ideas and techniques involve  the world of  washoku, Japan’s traditional cuisine...

Robbie Swinnerton

June 26, 2017

Anna HANSEN's KITCHEN - ‘It Works Perfectly. But I’ve Only One Regret’

 Anna Hansen in her self-designed kitchen. Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian

Chef  Anna Hansen  finally got to design her own kitchen... The result? She likes everything but the kitchen sink ...

 We didn’t have to do a lot of work to the house when we bought it in 2014, but we did.

Strangely, when faced with the possibility of designing my own kitchen, I realised I wasn’t actually sure what I wanted. It took a while to work it out, but we got there: it works perfectly.

I’ve only one regret...

June 10, 2017

Lombok’s GILI Islands... Scuba Diving Deep Down in TURTLE Heaven

One of the Gili Island turtles, spotted while scuba diving.

Turtles aren’t the only  drawcard  of the Gilis...  If Bali, with its sprawling resorts and persistent touts, feels overcooked, here you can find a slower pace of island life...

Penny Hunter

June 09, 2017

Visit TSUKIJI, a ‘Great Wonder of the World,’ While You Still Can -Japan -

Tsukiji  in full swing.
Photographer: Marka/Universal Images Group Editorial

Some  480 different kinds of  seafood... with $14.6 million worth sold daily.

Japan’s  iconic  fish market  is still  booming  after 82-years—for now...

Shoko Oda

June 05, 2017


grand cafe de la poste terrase
The atmosphere is nostalgic and reminiscent of the Old World with rattan chairs, wooden blinds and pots of fern and palm trees.

Mouthwatering food  with exotic spices aside, eating is a delightful experience in Marrakech.

Breakfast is set up in sun-drenched gardens...

In the afternoon, there are swanky rooftop bars where cocktail glasses are raised and eyes meet the views of the Atlas mountains.

Once the sun goes down, a long and slow feast begins with an array of “Moroccan salads” in tiny hand-painted vessels followed by hearty meals.

Here are some of the best  Marrakech restaurants... 

Juyoung Seo

June 03, 2017


Nenohi Honyaki 240 Gyuto - 3 Silver Rings
Nenohi Honyaki 240 Gyuto - 3 Silver Rings

Japanese kitchen knives  have a  worldwide reputation  for  excellent  quality  and  artistic beauty.

The trouble is -  there’s so much mythology and romance surrounding them - not to mention a bewilderingly wide range of prices and types - that it can be  difficult to make a choice...

Makiko Itoh

June 02, 2017


René Redzepi's Mexican Journey

"Traveling broadens your view of food and culture"... 

A chat with chef  Redzepi  about  the Noma Mexico pop-up,  to find out how this journey influenced his cuisine...

May 30, 2017

36 Hours in BIARRITZ -France-

The Hôtel du Palais, the city’s landmark luxury resort and former royal residence. 
Credit Markel Redondo for The New York Times

Biarritz has cycled in and out of fashion over the years. The French resort town... hit a peak in the 1950s when California surf culture was introduced to Europe on its sandy beaches.

The surfing’s still superb... But in recent years... Hip boutiques stocked with local brands abound, and a recharged dining scene... 

Suddenly this beauty of French Basque Country is back in vogue.


 A late afternoon view of  Biarritz.  
Credit Markel Redondo for The New York Times

May 25, 2017

The Best New Restaurant in America Is NEW YORK’s Le COUCOU

Le COUCOU - Best New Restaurant in NEW YORK

The swank French eatery was one of several New York hotspots to win big at this year's James Beard Awards. 

Upon hearing the announcement, the Le Coucou team were “happily in shock,” even as the crowd anticipated the announcement...

The high-styled French dining room has garnered waves of buzz for its reinvigoration of big room, celeb-packed, event dining.

It's a restaurant from  Stephen Starr, who also won for Outstanding Restaurateur... 

See the full list of winners...

Chris Rovzar

A restaurant - opened in the calendar year before the award will be given - that already displays excellence in food, beverage, and service and that is likely to make a significant impact in years to come.

May 14, 2017

Diving into the Myriad Ways to Enjoy JAPAN’s SEA GREENS

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "konbu buds"
Sake and Chef Mikuni's dashi making kit including dried bonito and konbu. © WhereNYC

Sea greens - most often called seaweed - are perhaps the most overlooked  treasures of Japanese food culture.

When dried, they keep forever...  Full of nutrients, fiber and flavor, sea greens  can be added at the last minute to dishes — Western or Japanese — almost as a garnish.

The seasonality of the sea... remains relatively unknown even among the most serious food lovers...

Spring is the season for fresh sea greens... 

Nancy Singleton

April 24, 2017

How to Have Your BEST-EVER TRIP to EUROPE This Summer

piscine hotel les roches rouges
Hotel Les Roches Rouges - Saint-Raphael - French Riviera - France

Across Europe, spring is finally in the air. The trees are blooming, the parks are springing back to life...

If you’re still unsure about your summer vacation plans, here’s everything you’ll need to...  plan your best European jaunt yet... from the hottest, of-the-moment hotels to the destinations you might be overlooking...

For your best-ever trip to the continent, here's where to stay, when to go, and what not to miss.

Nikki Ekstein