February 23, 2018

February 21, 2018

Your Next TRUFFLE May Be Coming From GREECE

Greek white truffles.
Source: Eklekto

Skyrocketing prices  in Italy and counterfeit versions from Eastern Europe are driving chefs to  a new source...

 Don’t be shocked—be glad. Italians have successfully positioned their product as the most luxurious under the forest floor.

But  white Alba truffles—tuber magnatum pico—also grow magnificently well in Greece.  Even Aristotle mentions them in his writings, but they never made it into the local cuisine. Unlike Italy’s truffles, which have been dug up and eaten for centuries, Greece’s truffles have remained largely undisturbed. At least they did until the Athens-based culinary exporter Eklekto saw their potential for the U.S. market.

“The smell and the taste were absolutely every bit as good as anything I got from Alba.”

Larissa Zimberoff

February 20, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO - IN SITU - America's Most Original NEW Restaurant

Caramelized Carrot Soup 7
coconut foam
 chaat masala
Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine
Bellevue, Washington, 2011
Served in a shot glass topped with coconut foam, it's thick, sweet, creamy and delicious.


The concept behind  In Situ  is so devilishly simple you wonder why someone hasn't done it before...

 The inspiration for the restaurant came from its setting inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The museum presents a curated selection of the world's finest art; In Situ does the same for food.
It's a concept that certainly impressed The New York Times. Shortly after In Situ opened in June last year, the paper declared it "America's most original new restaurant". 

Headed up by three Michelin-starred  chef Corey Lee, In Situ features recipes by more than 80 gastronomic greats – including Rene Redzepi... David Chang... and Peter Gilmore...

In most restaurants, food of this calibre would be served by whispering wait staff in a sumptuous setting. Not here. Much like the museum it's attached to...
In Situ lets the  ART  take centre stage...

Jasper Hill Farm Cheesecake 22
hazelnut, white chocolate, cookie
Albert Adrià, Tickets
Barcelona, Spain, 2015
In actual fact, it's a sinfully rich white chocolate cheesecake and the "crackers" surrounding it are heavenly butter cookies. It's hard to imagine a more decadent finale.

Rob McFarland

February 08, 2018

KAKIGOYA - OYSTER Huts Home to FUKUOKA Prefecture’s Winter Treat

FUKUOKA –  The air in a kakigoya -oyster hut-  is smoky, strong with the smell of seafood... Large groups crowd the pits, grilling oysters and drinking.
Somewhere, an oyster bursts open with a crack, earning a loud cheer from those nearby.

Kakigoya are a winter phenomenon of  the Fukuoka Prefecture, temporary restaurants that usually spring up at some point in November and last to the end of the oyster season in March.

The vast majority of the huts are located on the long, sandy coastline of the Itoshima Peninsula, out to the west of the city of Fukuoka...

Ebisu is the only hut at Karadomari, AND the only place where you can try the award-winning Karadomari Ebisu Oysters. This is a different kind of oyster from those farmed in nearby Itoshima. This year’s oysters are really tasty and big, and oyster tsukudani is a recommended side dish.

Oscar Boyd

February 06, 2018

Need a Break From People? These Far-Flung DESERT ESCAPES Will Help

Chad - Ennedi Massif.
Source: Steppes Travel

Eight   adventures  from  Africa to  Australia  to  Antarctica.

If you... really want to escape the modern world, you might consider exploring one of the world’s deserts...

Bonus:   It’s unlikely to rain.

Meera Dattani

February 02, 2018


Banana peels could become a thing of the past. Photo / Getty Images
Banana peels could become a thing of the past. Photo / Getty Images

Japanese farmers  have invented a new type of  banana with edible peel  using an innovative deep freezing technique.

The Mongee banana, which can be eaten in its entirety, was pioneered by Setsuzo Tanaka, technical development manager at D&T Farm in Okayama Prefecture, western Japan.

The end result is a banana which appears normal at first glance but is much sweeter than conventionally grown fruits – plus, its peel is 100 per cent edible.

Japan is no stranger to innovations when it comes to fruits: it is also famously home to square watermelons... 

Daily Telegraph UK - Danielle Demetriou

Mongee are cultivated using a 'Freeze Thaw Awakening' method that draws from ancient practices. Banana saplings are frozen and, once thawed, are then planted. This encourages them to begin to growing even in Japan's relatively cooler climate

Mongee are cultivated using a 'Freeze Thaw Awakening' method that draws from ancient practices. Banana saplings are frozen and, once thawed, are then planted. This encourages them to begin to growing even in Japan's relatively cooler climate

January 29, 2018


An ancient city gate in Amadiya, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. CreditMark Edward Harris

Ancient fortresses... crisp mountain streams... curious  people and healing cities... 

Travelers are discovering the Kurdish Region of Iraq... a place of great beauty... haunted by war...

Tim Nevil

January 28, 2018

BANGKOK - 10 of the Best Michelin-Rated RESTAURANTS

The  first  Michelin guide to Bangkoks  brilliant food scene  reveals a city where both fine dining and street food can be as affordable as they are adventurous.

With the publication... Bangkok’s culinary scene – already known for its street food – has acquired its lettres de noblesse. 

Never has a single Michelin destination offered so many choices for those on a budget...

Vincent Vichit Vadakan

80/20bkk - Michelin Plate -

January 27, 2018

Perfect ANCHOVIES Food Pairings

Perfect Food Pairings: Anchovies

Anchovies -  small saltwater forage fishes   from temperate seas...  of the Engraulis family -  are found in the  Mediterranean...  the  Black Sea... the  Atlantic,  Indian and Pacific Oceans. 

 Italian anchovies  are superb, as are their Spanish cousins from... the Basque countries...

Anchovies are often used to give a punch of flavor to dishes. Here are some tips...

Roberta Schira

January 26, 2018

Meet the $50 Cup of Astronaut COFFEE

Astronaut coffee being sent aloft.
Photographer: Hansol Kim

Would You Pay $50 for Coffee That Was Shot to the Mesosphere?

Astronaut, a cup of coffee brewed in New York, is the latest to explore the science of roasting.

At Round K cafe on New York’s Lower East Side, the cup of Astronaut coffee is unprepossessing... and a cup costs $50.

I invited coffee expert Oliver Strand to enjoy a cup of Astronaut coffee... Strand has visited roasters and farms around the world and writes about coffee for such publications as the New York Times...

Kate Krader