August 31, 2015

36 Hours in PROVENCE - Arles and Avignon

View of Avignon from the medieval Fort St.-André. 
Credit Stefano Buonamici for The New York Times

From the salt marshes of the  Camargue  to storybook hilltop villages like  Gordes  to the lively Mediterranean city of  Marseille,  the famously picturesque French region offers  an array of landscapes and experiences  that could take months to uncover.

Where to start?
Arles and Avignon.
Just 20 minutes apart by train, the  Roman-era town  of Arles and the  medieval walled city of Avignon enfold a dense mix of architectural beauty,  world-class art, sun-soaked Provençal gastronomy and Unesco World Heritage sites...

August 29, 2015

Heston BLUMENTHAL Interview - THE FAT DUCK Flies Again

 Heston Blumenthal: ‘ I’m morphing into my food. My food is morphing into me.’ 
Photograph: John Reardon for Observer Food Monthly

When  The Fat Duck  re-opens  at the end of September, he says, they will be in the business of telling you a tale...

“The Duck will still use multi-sensory techniques,” he says. I wonder out loud if he’s hunting for some ideal of the perfect restaurant. He denies it...

“Perfection is the enemy of creativity. All these ideas of success and failure just equal fear of failure... It restricts creativity. The opposite of failure is discovery. Failure is an opportunity to learn.”

The Fat Duck will re-open in October

HARRODS New Restaurant Dedicated To TRUFFLES

Harrods to launch new restaurant dedicated to truffles
 Tartufi & Friends

Harrods   new   truffle loungeTartufi & Friends...  a luxury eatery  dedicated to adventures in  truffle cuisine...  Making the flagship London department store the new hotspot for truffle hunters...

August 28, 2015

Netflix - New Chef-Focused Series - CHEF's TABLE - from DAVID GELB

Warning: Don't watch when hungry

David Gelb  is   back   with a   new series  called  Chef's Table - the American born director is known for his 2011 documentary film entitled   Jiro Dreams of Sushi,  which followed an 85-year-old sushi master on his continuing quest to perfect the art of sushi.

His  new series  offer a glimpse into the lives of some of the world's most highly respected chefs,  such as Ben Shrewry of Attica, Francis Mallmann of Patagonia Surr, Magnus Nilssen of Fäviken and many more.

It consists of six, one-hour documentaries... 

Take a look at the first official trailer above.


ANDY WARHOL's Favourite Restaurant - JAMS - Reopens In NYC

Andy Warhol's favourite restaurant reopens in NYC
Jonathan Waxman’s  Jams  restaurant  opens  in New York  this week  

The man who unwittingly started the farm-to-table fresh food movement back in the eighties – Jonathan Waxmanis opening up a  new  Jams restaurant in New York.

Waxman's first Upper East Side Jams was a revelation in fresh seasonal cooking when it opened in 1984, frequented by Andy Warhol  and Andy Rooney to name a few.


The  new location  can be found off the lobby of the new 1 Hotel Central Park  in  Manhattan.

August 27, 2015

The Best COOKBOOKS Of All Time

Cooking in 10 minutes by Edouard De Pomiane
 Cooking in 10 minutes  by Edouard De Pomiane

” Do cookbooks still have a place in today’s kitchens?
We asked some cooks and chefs to share their favourites...

Raymond Blanc -I am completely self-taught, so cookbooks have always been a wonderful way to learn...  They are very important. The French writer and scientist Édouard de Pomiane has always been a  big inspiration  for me.

His Cooking in Ten Minutes achieved great notoriety when it was originally published in 1930... It is  the most beautiful book of cuisine ever...  He was a visionary, definitely ahead of his time...

August 26, 2015

The KIR Cocktail Is Cool Again

From left: Giffard; Clear Creek Cassis Liqueur; Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis
From left: Giffard - Clear Creek Cassis Liqueur - Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis 

The disreputable  Kir  - Burgundy’s classic wine cocktail - is catching on with a new generation. 

The Kir is named for Felix Kir—World War II resistance fighter, priest and mayor of Dijon—who, legend has it, kept his chin up and declared the red-tinted drink the official beverage of Dijon’s city hall after the Nazis confiscated all of Burgundy’s best red wines.



August 25, 2015


Courtesy of European Waterways

Burgundy  by Barge -  The luxury hotel barging cruise company  European Waterways  is commissioning a barge and offering a  new route  next spring...

...along the River  Saône  and the  Canal du Centre...  through vineyards of southern  Burgundy,  with stops including the  Château de Germolles a 14th-century palace once home to the dukes of BurgundyDijon and Beaune.

August 21, 2015

Paris Chef AIZPITARTE Splits From London Restaurant CHABANAIS

Paris Chef Aizpitarte Splits From London Restaurant Chabanais - Bloomberg Business
Inaki Aizpitarte 

Chef  Inaki Aizpitarte said he and his team from Le Chateaubriand in  Paris  have split  with Le Chabanais, the  London  restaurant they opened in June to  hostile  reviews...

"I've finished my contract: Everything is finished,"  Aizpitarte said on Monday in a telephone interview. "I cannot talk about it."

 Aizpitarte is one of Europe's most-respected young chefs and is a leading figure in the "Bistronomie" movement of casual gastronomy. Le Chateaubriand is a destination for the food crowd.

August 20, 2015

Chef Simon ROGAN - A Gastronomic Visit to CARTMEL

Rogan nosh on the menu
Chef Simon Rogan at his restaurant, Fera at Claridge's, 
London. Picture: Visit Britain Source: Supplied

The current obsession being fed by  Cartmel  is gastronomy... this also explains why there appear to be so many eligible young men afoot.

They’re all wearing black aprons... Most of the young aprons work for Simon Rogan, a celebrity chef whose influence and multiplying interests in the village have lent it the name Roganville...

Now with two Michelin stars... Rogan has honed his all-British, strictly seasonal approach to cooking...

NEW ENGLAND - The Best of NANTUCKET in Just Three Days

Murray’s Toggery Shop
Murray’s Toggery Shop 

An alluring mix of quiet beaches and restrained New England charm makes a long-weekend getaway to this island  off the coast of Cape Cod  a summertime classic.

There’s something close to  magical  about the  tiny island... set like a jagged jewel in the Atlantic less than  30 miles off   Cape Cod... With its cobblestone streets... miles of uncrowded beaches... and gray-shingled cottages covered in pink roses...

August 13, 2015

The APERITIF for Every Season


Tangy,  dry, Manzanilla is the ideal accompaniment to summer snacks, while rich,  nutty Amontillado perfectly partners with winter’s heavier fare...
IT’S TIME TO GET REAL about  sherry...

‘With no other wine is the difference in quality between the top and the bottom so minimal.’

From left, Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla; Barbadillo Solear Manzanilla; Bodegas Hidalgo Seco Napoleon Amontillado
From left, Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana Manzanilla -  Barbadillo Solear Manzanilla -  Bodegas Hidalgo Seco Napoleon Amontillado 

August 12, 2015

DUCK & RICE Is a Fantasy Chinese Restaurant in LONDON’s Chinatown

Duck & Rice is beautifully designed and stands out in London’s Soho.
Duck & Rice is beautifully designed and stands out in London’s Soho.
 Photographer: Weng Wei/Courtesy of The Duck and Rice

This  new  restaurant  in  Sohohome to London’s Chinatown—is the  brainchild  of  Alan Yau 

The Hong Kong-born restaurateur believes that one  key to success is to divorce food from its origins... He’s taking Chinese food out of China and making it accessible to anyone... 

The long menu... a bunch of culinary partners...  Cantonese dim sum to  Sichuan chili chickenFujian fried rice  to Malaysian curry. It even embraces chop suey   and  wasabi prawn. 
It really is very naughty.

The  fortune cookies  are missing, but I’m still feeling lucky.

Duck & Rice is a winner. 
Duck & Rice is at 90 Berwick St., Soho, W1F 0QB

August 08, 2015

MILAN - T City Guides

From left: a view of Milan from the tables at Alice; cured meats at Mercato Metropolitano; endless design products at Rossana Orlandi.

As the country’s center for design  - fashion -  finance  - and publishing,  Milan has an energy  and  sophistication you can’t get anywhere else in Italy...

Five leaders in creative fields share their favorite places to eat, drink, shop and play...