August 02, 2015

The Rise of the GUEST CHEF


Can’t get to Paris... San Sebastián or Tokyo for  dinner?

With more and more chefs making  guest appearances  in each other’s kitchens... wait for one of the world’s top toques to pop up in a restaurant near you...

A dish by René Redzepi

A dish by René Redzepi at Bulgari Hotel Milan

July 29, 2015


William P. O'Donnell/The New York Times

Of all the fascinating regions that have emerged in the global wine economy over the last 20 years... Santorini - the Greek island in the Cyclades - produces  some of the most distinctive  white wines around...

These wines are made almost entirely of the assyrtiko grape - one that over many centuries has superbly adapted to its unusual island home of volcanic rock.

Because of the strong winds off the Aegean Sea and the powerful summer sun, the assyrtiko vines are trained in a peculiar way, like the woven strands of a circular basket, hugging the ground for protection.

 Awareness of its existence outside Greece is a recent phenomenon... wonderful values among the class of savory marine whites...

Santorini Assyrtiko Grapes
A “basket of Santorini Assyrtiko grapes 
Picture  Luxe Adventure Traveller

July 28, 2015

New Era For IRAN - Tourism Set To Rise Sharply

Shah Mosque, Isfahan. Tomb of Sa'di, Shiraz, Iran
Shah Mosque, Isfahan. Tomb of Sa'di, Shiraz, Iran

Iran   - host to many unique cultural treasures largely unseen by western eyes -  is expecting a significant rise in the number of tourists... in the wake of this week’s historic deal.

Earlier this month, Unesco added two more ancient sites – Susa archaeological mounds and the stunning Meymand village – on Iran’s world heritage list.

 Iran is increasing the length of tourist visas from 15 days to one month, and from as early as next year tourist visas could be issued electronically. 

Meymand Village , Iran , Kerman  روستاي ميمند ، كرمان ، ايران
Meymand Village , Iran , Kerman روستاي ميمند ، كرمان ، ايران

July 26, 2015

’NDUJA - pronounced en-DOO-ya - A Dab Makes All the Difference

'Nduja - pronounced en-DOO-ya -  is a specialty of Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot.

Its origins are shadowy, but most believe it was a poor-man’s version of andouille sausage, which arrived in the area when Napoleon conquered Naples, to the north, in 1806. 

Today, 'nduja is made with finer stuff. La Quercia -  an Iowa producer of cured meats - does an unconventional one, grinding up prosciutto, speck and coppa with chilies...

La Quercia Nduja Americana

July 24, 2015

Greek Islands - The North-East AEGEAN

 The church of Agios Isidoros on an islet close to Langada, Chios
Photograph: Hercules Milas/Alamy

This disparate group of islands stretches from the Greek mainland across the Aegean to the coast of Turkey...

 Many remain off the beaten track to foreign visitors but reward them with deserted beaches and excellent seafood tavernas...

June 26, 2015


Jock Zonfrillo shucks a clam pulled straight from the reef.

 Jock Zonfrillo shucks a clam pulled straight from the reef. 

The young chef scours the Outback in his one-man crusade to bring native ingredients and  Aboriginal culinary traditions to fine dining...

 “There are 20,000 edible native things in this country,” he says. “You could write six encyclopedias on the subject.”

June 18, 2015

PARIS’s Newest Purveyor of France’s Finest Foods Was Inspired by New York Specialty Shops

La Maison Plisson, Paris's newest purveyor of France's finest foods, was inspired by New York City's specialty shops.
La Maison Plisson, Paris's newest purveyor of France's finest foods, was inspired by New York City's specialty shops.Credit

In  Paris - La Maison Plisson - a stylish new cafe-restaurant-grocery store - in the  Marais, hasn’t even been open for​ two​ month​s​, but it has already become something of a gastronomic institution...

The large, airy shop showcases ​France’s​ finest foodstuffs, which is why the original inspiration for this project may come as a big surprise: the specialty food shops of New York City.

“I lived in New York in the ’90s,” says Delphine Plisson... “I used to spend hours at Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods and all of the other great food stores in the city. 

When she moved back to France ... ​ she not only missed the great food stores, she couldn’t believe food retailing in Paris had become so dull. 

The menu ranges from soups and meatballs to rice puddings and croissants.
The menu ranges from soups and meatballs to rice puddings and croissants.Credit 
Jean-Philippe Baltel/La Maison Plisson

La Maison Plisson 
93 boulevard Beaumarchais, 3rd Arrondissement

June 15, 2015

LONDON - Burberry Unveil New Eatery - THOMAS's In Regent Street

Thomas's - 121 Regent Street London

Burberry – announce the expansion of its global flagship on London's Regent Street.

Unveiling a new restaurant concept and a special area dedicated to gifting...

Discover the details and take a look inside here...

Thomas's and the newly-expanded boutique is  open now  at Burberry 121 Regent Street in London


Burberry unveil new eatery: Thomas's in Regent Street, London

June 13, 2015

PARIS - Le Cordon Bleu COOKING SCHOOL - Secrets Of Souffles

The winter garden at Le Cordon Bleu International in Paris
The winter garden at Le Cordon Bleu International in Paris
Photo: Le Cordon Bleu International

Le Cordon Bleu is known for its exemplary standards of French cuisine preparation... It is known as the  Babylon of baking...

 Every year, aspiring students from around the world come to the Parisian institute to study in pursuit of knowledge and coveted patisserie and cuisine diplomas...

A chocolate flan.

June 12, 2015

Beyond Olive - 5 COOKING OILS You Should Be Using

Roasted Pistachio Oil
Pistachio Oil 

Olive oil, we still love you. But with so many other options out there for frying and drizzling—from avocado to pistachioit’s worth playing the field...

Here are five delicious and versatile cooking oils to try...

 As a rule, the more intensely flavored the oil, the shorter the shelf life. You’re best off storing these in the refrigerator, where the low temperature and darkness will keep them at their freshest...

June 10, 2015

Star Portuguese Chef JOSé AVILLEZ

Chef José Avillez in his own home kitchen.
Chef José Avillez in his own home kitchen. 

IN A FEW SHORT YEARS, chef José Avillez has come to personify Portugal’s culinary mojo...
A native of Cascais... Mr. Avillez spent crucial time away from Portugal during his 20s, with stints under France’s traditional three-star Michelin chef Éric Fréchon and Spain’s gastronomic mad scientistFerran Adrià...

José Avillez’s Prawns à Bulhão Pato

June 04, 2015


 A Baltic island brake-away … Bornholm - Denmark
Dueodde is easily the best beach on the island

Once a simple beach escape, Bornholm - a Danish island in the Baltic - has reinvented itself as an eco-friendly, foodie destination boasting the world’s first ‘cradle-to-cradle’ hotel  and 150 miles of cycling routes...

June 02, 2015

A SUSHI-RICE Tasting - Searching For The Holy Grail Of Japanese RICE VINEGAR

A long process: Rice is poured into a polishing machine. 

Akihiro Iio... is the fifth generation of his family to run Iio Jozo - a venerable vinegar house - outside of Kyoto. Using locally grown rice, the Iio family has been producing vinegar for more than 120 years - since the early 1960s - 100 percent organic.

Their top-quality  sake is brewed in a 100-year-old building over the course of 40 days using equipment built 50 years ago... 

a sushi-rice tasting...

First he dumped the steaming rice into the  handai - wooden rice tub - and then immediately began cutting  into the rice pile and spreading it, allowing it to cool...

The accepted method of making sushi rice involves fanning and cutting the rice, and sprinkling it with sweetened vinegar at the same time...