March 16, 2018

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Most Polarizing Restaurant Is About to Open

Chef Masaaki Uchino and owner Alessandro Borgognone. 
Photographer: Deb Lindsey for Bloomberg Businessweek

The most famous address in Washington is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But starting...  late  April the Trump International Hotel  just down the street will be the most polarizing—at least  for foodies.

Sushi Nakazawa has been one of the hardest tables to get in New York. Reservations open at 12:01 a.m.; they’re gone by 12:02.

The menu will be similar to New York’s, including salmon smoked over hay, tuna three ways, and uni topped with white truffles.

“When people ask, ‘Where’s the restaurant?’ I say, ‘It’s two blocks from the White House.’ That’s the coolest part.”...

Larissa Zimberoff

March 10, 2018

- COMME des GARçONS - PARIS FashionW F/W 2018

 Fall/Winter 2018

Photo credit - Kim Weston Arnold

In Search of VIRGINIA WOOLF’s Lost Eden in CORNWALL

The vast coastal county of  Cornwall - England - had a profound effect on the future writing of the impressionable young girl who would become a literary star.

VIRGINIA WOOLF  wasn’t always the radical we imagine today.

 Before the debates on truth and beauty with her circle of early 20th-century-artists, intellectuals and writers known as  the Bloomsbury Group... before the polemic feminist lectures at Cambridge... and before the ever-constant push to experiment with new forms of fiction...

 there was the impressionable young girl, born  Adeline Virginia Stephen, who spent seaside summers in Cornwall, on England’s rugged southwestern tip... on the outskirts of   St. Ives,   then a small fishing town on the Cornish coast...

Ratha Tep

Virginia Woolf, English novelist and critic.

George C. Beresford/Hulton Archive, via Getty Images

March 05, 2018

FERRAN ADRIÀ - 'Quality Will Be The Future' -Interview -

Ferran Adrià: 'Quality Will Be the Future'

We talked to  Ferran Adrià...  about his projects, Spanish cuisine, innovation and the future of fine dining.

One of the most influential chefs of our time became also one of the most sought-after minds to think about innovation – especially regarding food.

 Ferran Adrià has dedicated himself to studies at his El Bulli Foundation  ... on a number of ambitious projects, like Bullipedia - , which he calls the “largest encyclopedia in the world” and had its first volume, Bebidas - devoted to drinks - launched in November 2017.

Now, there will be 35 academic books  of  500 pages each to be released in the next 4 years, starting April 2018...

Raphael Tonon

February 27, 2018

France - In POMEROL, Wines of Grandeur From Modest Estates

Baptiste Guinaudeau, left, his father, Jacques, and Omri Ram at Lafleur in Pomerol. “These are not just family-owned estates, they are family-worked estates,” Mr. Ram said of Pomerol.CreditAlex Cretey-Systermans for The New York Times

POMEROL, France —  
Bordeaux is renowned for its chateaus and grandiosity. But this corner remains a land of small family farms, even if the wines are magnificent.

Pomerol is a land of small family estates run by vignerons... people who grow the grapes and make the wines.

Even as the wines of  Pomerol  are  celebrated...   and the best are among the most expensive on the planet, the region operates on an approachable, direct human scale that is rare in Bordeaux’s exalted precincts...

Eric Asimov

February 25, 2018


Italian Delicacies: Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

A closer look at Balsamic Vinegar, the high quality condiment from the provinces of  Modena... discover how to enjoy it the best.

The full name of this product is  Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, but it is  widely imitated  both in Italy and elsewhere in the world.

Its taste is pleasantly sharp and well-balanced with hints that vary according to the type of wood cask it has aged in... for a period ranging from 12 years to a maximum of 25... “extravecchio” -extra old- will be around €100 for a quantity of 100 mg...

Roberta Schira

February 23, 2018

February 21, 2018

Your Next TRUFFLE May Be Coming From GREECE

Greek white truffles.
Source: Eklekto

Skyrocketing prices  in Italy and counterfeit versions from Eastern Europe are driving chefs to  a new source...

 Don’t be shocked—be glad. Italians have successfully positioned their product as the most luxurious under the forest floor.

But  white Alba truffles—tuber magnatum pico—also grow magnificently well in Greece.  Even Aristotle mentions them in his writings, but they never made it into the local cuisine. Unlike Italy’s truffles, which have been dug up and eaten for centuries, Greece’s truffles have remained largely undisturbed. At least they did until the Athens-based culinary exporter Eklekto saw their potential for the U.S. market.

“The smell and the taste were absolutely every bit as good as anything I got from Alba.”

Larissa Zimberoff

February 20, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO - IN SITU - America's Most Original NEW Restaurant

Caramelized Carrot Soup 7
coconut foam
 chaat masala
Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine
Bellevue, Washington, 2011
Served in a shot glass topped with coconut foam, it's thick, sweet, creamy and delicious.


The concept behind  In Situ  is so devilishly simple you wonder why someone hasn't done it before...

 The inspiration for the restaurant came from its setting inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The museum presents a curated selection of the world's finest art; In Situ does the same for food.
It's a concept that certainly impressed The New York Times. Shortly after In Situ opened in June last year, the paper declared it "America's most original new restaurant". 

Headed up by three Michelin-starred  chef Corey Lee, In Situ features recipes by more than 80 gastronomic greats – including Rene Redzepi... David Chang... and Peter Gilmore...

In most restaurants, food of this calibre would be served by whispering wait staff in a sumptuous setting. Not here. Much like the museum it's attached to...
In Situ lets the  ART  take centre stage...

Jasper Hill Farm Cheesecake 22
hazelnut, white chocolate, cookie
Albert Adrià, Tickets
Barcelona, Spain, 2015
In actual fact, it's a sinfully rich white chocolate cheesecake and the "crackers" surrounding it are heavenly butter cookies. It's hard to imagine a more decadent finale.

Rob McFarland

February 08, 2018

KAKIGOYA - OYSTER Huts Home to FUKUOKA Prefecture’s Winter Treat

FUKUOKA –  The air in a kakigoya -oyster hut-  is smoky, strong with the smell of seafood... Large groups crowd the pits, grilling oysters and drinking.
Somewhere, an oyster bursts open with a crack, earning a loud cheer from those nearby.

Kakigoya are a winter phenomenon of  the Fukuoka Prefecture, temporary restaurants that usually spring up at some point in November and last to the end of the oyster season in March.

The vast majority of the huts are located on the long, sandy coastline of the Itoshima Peninsula, out to the west of the city of Fukuoka...

Ebisu is the only hut at Karadomari, AND the only place where you can try the award-winning Karadomari Ebisu Oysters. This is a different kind of oyster from those farmed in nearby Itoshima. This year’s oysters are really tasty and big, and oyster tsukudani is a recommended side dish.

Oscar Boyd

February 06, 2018

Need a Break From People? These Far-Flung DESERT ESCAPES Will Help

Chad - Ennedi Massif.
Source: Steppes Travel

Eight   adventures  from  Africa to  Australia  to  Antarctica.

If you... really want to escape the modern world, you might consider exploring one of the world’s deserts...

Bonus:   It’s unlikely to rain.

Meera Dattani