May 15, 2016

Guide MICHELIN - A First Edition Entirely Devoted to the GASTRONOMIE LYONNAISE

Le Guide Michelin consacre une première édition à la gastronomie lyonnaise

Pour la première fois, le  Guide Michelin  consacre  une édition complète  à  Lyon et sa région...

Guide Michelin Lyon et sa région
14,90 euros.

May 13, 2016

Café Society - Woody ALLEN - with Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg...

CANNES - Film Festival - The Opening with Woody Allen's  CAFé SOCIETY

Just Brilliant!!!

May 10, 2016

CANNES - Where to EAT During the FILM FESTIVAL

The perfect example of a glocal city,  Cannes successfully combines a Mediterranean spirit with an international allure, the charm of street markets with a middle eastern touch and expensive boutiques for fashion victims.

The Film Festival, the Casino, the finest beaches of Provence and gourmet delicacies...

you just have to hear these words to imagine yourself being catapulted into a star-studded dimension, sitting at pavement cafés on the Croisette...

 rubbing shoulders with the like of Arnaud Desplechin... Kirsten Dunst  or Donald Sutherland some of  the festival jury members preceded by George Miller,  at this year’s edition, from 11 to 22 May.

Cannes, however, is also synonymous with outrageous and apparently prohibitive prices. If you want to enjoy Cannes restaurants, here are a few tips to enable you to partake of the  joie de vivre  without breaking the bank...


Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

The  Langhe region  of northwestern  Italy  is best known for its  Barolos  and  Barbarescos,   magnificent  wines  made of the  nebbiolo grape...   generally saved for  special occasions.

For everyday... Barbera, especially...  is a brilliant accompaniment...

Eric Asimov

May 06, 2016

FOOD In BOOKS - SOLE With White Sauce from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

There are countless writers who are guilty of just what Woolf discusses – declining to write about the meals their characters consume as they gossip, or fight, or woo.’ Photograph: Kate Young

Kate Young returns to  Virginia Woolf  for an evocative piece of  food writing,  rich in detail

It is a curious fact that novelists have a way of making us believe that luncheon parties are invariably memorable for something very witty that was said, or for something very wise that was done. But they seldom spare a word for what was eaten... 

Not so, Virginia Woolf. The three-course luncheon in  A Room of One’s Own  is rich in detail. 

 The lunch on this occasion began with soles, sunk in a deep dish, over which the college cook had spread a counterpane of the whitest cream, save that it was branded here and there with brown spots like the spots on the flanks of a doe...

A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf

Kate Young

FREE WIFI and Comfy Seats - LONDON's BEST CAFéS to Work In

Cafe at the British LIbrary
A break among the books: the cafe at the British Library 

More of us than ever are looking to find work-friendly    cafes  and  bars   where we can plough away on our laptops... fuelled by good grub and caffeine kicks.

It’s all about free public venues with  ample table space, unlimited  wifi... a low baby/child count... work-friendly noise levels... ample  power sockets, and – crucially – the sense that it’s Totally Okay to sit there all afternoon nursing a single flat white...

May 05, 2016

The Best-Value FRENCH WINES for Your Money

The Loire Valley produces a diverse range of  wines that are not only desirable and noteworthy—but  incredibly  affordable...


April 26, 2016

PARIS - The Louvre to Revamp TUILERIES Gardens

The Tuileries is being revamped to increase green space.
The Tuileries is being revamped to increase green space. 

The grande dame of Parisian parks is getting a face-lift.

Created in the 16th century by Catherine de Medici, the Tuileries Gardens has long been a favorite spot for Parisians and tourists... 

The Louvre plans to restore the garden - a protected historical monument - to  its former glory...  closer to the designs of renowned 17th-century French gardener André Le Nôtre...

We want to return to the original—but keeping what has been done to it through the centuries,”...  “It’s a kind of courtesy, we want to keep the traces of the past.


April 25, 2016

MYANMAR - VISIT Before It's Changed Forever

Young nuns in prayer, Myanmar.
Young nuns in prayer, Myanmar. 
Photo: Danita Delimont

Years earlier - when Noble Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi asked the world not to visit as a show of defiance against the military junta rule - I'd stayed away...

but now, with Myanmar firmly on the road to democracy, the time has come for me to see for myself... 

When you hear...
  'come before it all changes'
you'd better believe it...

April 22, 2016



Implanté  à  Sausset les bains - à une demi-heure de route de Marseille - Ludovic Biccherai a  remporté le titre de la catégorie  meilleure pizza classique du monde  avec sa  pizza GUSTOSA  au tartare de daurade crue, fleurs de courgette et écrevisse fraîche...  largement inspirée de  la célèbre bouillabaisse marseillaise  et de saveurs typiquement italiennes...

Avenue Jean Moulin
13960 Sausset-les-Pins

April 20, 2016

PARIS - Marcelo MARTIN Di GIACOMO and Chiho KANZAKI Present Their New Restaurant VIRTUS

Marcelo Martin di Giacomo et Chiho Kanzaki présentent leur nouveau restaurant Virtus

Marcelo Martin di Giacomo et Chiho Kanzaki


Rencontre avec  Marcelo Martin di Giacomo et  Chiho Kanzaki - chefs du nouveau restaurant 
Le Virtus -  a rising star...  l'une des adresses montantes the capital.

Cette nouvelle adresse... est un lieu où ces deux cuisiniers  de  talent peuvent exprimer leur créativité et font des étincelles...

 Le Virtus, 8 rue Crozatier, 12e arrondissement de Paris.

The picture below is enormous
 however so beautiful and detailed that I just had to share it!

De gauche à droite : huîtres à l'ananas, chips de polenta, canard à la betterave.