February 09, 2016


Chefs at work at the  Noma Australia  popup at Barangaroo, Sydney. 
Picture: Jason Loucas.

Chicken stock ‘skin’ napped with crocodile fat, on  raw  molluscs?

Coming right up, sir!

Welcome  to Noma Australia...

February 08, 2016


Parisians can now buy steaks or sausages at any time of the day or night. Photo / Michael Craig
Parisians can now buy steaks or sausages at any time of the day or night.
 Photo / Michael Craig

Parisians struck with sudden cravings for red meat can now buy steaks or sausages at any time of the day or night from  the  capital's  first  automatic   raw meat  vending machine.
It was installed this week outside a shop in the  fashionable 11th arrondissement.

The owner of the Basque butchers - L'Ami Txulette, explained... "We wanted to give our customers an additional service when the shop is closed...

Its introduction is in line with a trend to make fresh produce available 24 hours a day, despite strict Sunday opening laws and the reluctance of many shops to open seven days a week.

NewZealandHerald/David Chazan

February 06, 2016

SPAIN’s Hot Restaurants - New Chefs and Where to Discover Them

Manso Restaurante Bar, Santiago de Compostela
Chef  Alberto Lareo in his restaurant, Manso

In recent years  Spain’s  culinary scene has created a number of true  food heroes...  from  Ferran Adrià’s  - molecular magic -  at the famed El Bulli -  and  Juan Mari and Elena Arzak’s  - incredible reinvention of Basque specialities-  to  Andoni Aduriz’s - exquisite minimalism -  

Unfortunately, such high-end establishments are now too  expensive  for most us...

Enjoy Spain’s top cuisine at more  affordable prices...  by tracking down the latest generation of chefs... 

TheGuardian/Fiona Dunlop

A dessert from La Fábrica restaurant in  Burgos, Spain - run by up-and-coming chef  Ricardo Termiño

Rare WHISKY Outperforms Wine and Gold as 2015 INVESTMENT

The total value of rare whiskies  sold at auction in the UK last year was £9.6m, up from £7.6m in 2014. 

Leading index for   scotch whisky  rose 14% last year, while wine fell 0.4%, gold was down 10% and FTSE 100 index lost 4.9%...

Rare whisky has outperformed other investments...  enjoying a record year in 2015.

As new releases of aged whisky become increasingly rare... The older the age and the earlier the vintage, the better – even relatively poor quality old-aged scotch is becoming more valuable...

February 05, 2016

ETNA ROSSO - Wine School

wine etna rosso doc sicily
Photo via Etna Rosso D.O.C.

 As long as humans have lived and farmed in proximity to Mount Etna, they’ve grown grapes in the foothills and slopes of this still quite active volcano...

But as a region making   fine, distinctive wines coveted by the rest of the world, Etna is most definitely new...


L'accent qui va révolutionner la gastronomie française


Soupe à l'oignon, croque-monsieur, mille-feuille... Toutes ces spécialités de la gastronomie française  partiront bientôt en fumée !

Avec la nouvelle réforme de l'orthographe...  le goût – et bientôt le « gout » - des Français pour les exceptions, risque d'en prendre un coup...

Not the Oignon - FRANCE CHANGES 2,000 SPELLINGS and Ditches CIRCUMFLEX

 Take your hat off - French school books will drop the circumflex from September.
 Photograph: Janine Wiedel Photolibrary/Alamy

#JeSuisCirconflexe  campaigners  fight back against decision by the Academie Française to ‘fix anomalies’ and scrap the circumflex accent

A   change in the spelling   of some  2,000 French words  will come into effect in new primary school textbooks being released for the start of the school year in September...

The circumflex accent will become  optional  for many words... Other spelling changes  have purists rubbing their eyes – such as onion, which can now be spelled “ognon” as well as the traditional “oignon”...

10 spellings that will change

Oignon becomes ognon (onion)
Nénuphar becomes nénufar (waterlily)
S’entraîner becomes s’entrainer (to train)
Maîtresse becomes maitresse (mistress or female teacher)
Coût becomes cout (cost)
Paraître becomes paraitre (to appear)
Week-end becomes weekend (weekend)
Mille-pattes becomes millepattes (centipedes)

'Le selfie' enters dictionary as France learns to embrace the unbearable

February 04, 2016


Business class is usually reserved for well-to-do executives or film stars... but a blogger has revealed how the average traveller can score a seat in the lap of luxury...

The founder - Brian Kellyof the website The Points Guy  made a habit out of exposing ways frequent and irregular travellers can get the most out of their airline or credit card rewards points...

February 03, 2016

How One Tweet Might Change CUBAN CUISINE

<strong>ON THE TOWN</strong> | Aduriz (left), Cuban official Mario Escalona Serrano, Bottura and Olvera.
ON THE TOWN | Aduriz (left), Cuban official Mario Escalona Serrano, Bottura and  Olvera. 

When one world-renowned chef challenges another to collaborate on a new restaurant in  Cuba...

 Enrique Olvera  and  Andoni Aduriz take to Havana without a plan. But with the help of a third top chef, Massimo Bottura, they come to realize their dream in a changing city...

In November, Aduriz cooked for two nights with Olvera... Despite divergent personal styles, they found a comfortable groove. “We should do a project together,” said an effusive Olvera...
“But I choose the place,” said Aduriz...  “Havana, Cuba,” he said, picking a random spot on the map.

And so, the tweet: “In a stroke of fortune @pujolrestaurant and @Mugaritz have reached an agreement to open a restaurant together in Havana, Cuba,”... 

WallStreetJournal/JAY CHESHES

All the things a chef needs to be successful are missing in Cuba.
—Douglas Rodriguez

February 02, 2016

PARIS - Why Does The World's Most Expensive STEAK Cost $3,200?

The "hibernation" process could store the beef for any length of time. (Photo courtesy of Boucherie Polmard Paris)
The “hibernation” process could store the beef for any length of time.
 (Photo courtesy of Boucherie Polmard Paris)

Apparently, fine wine isn’t the only thing that gets better with age, so does steak -at least the right kind-.

At $3,200, the 2000 vintage  cote de boeuf -rib steak- is the world’s  most expensive steak.  So what makes a rib steak at Boucherie Polmard worth so much?...

The man behind the world's most expensive steak. (Photo courtesy of Boucherie Polmard Paris)
The man behind the world’s most expensive steak. 
(Photo courtesy of Boucherie Polmard Paris)

A PINOT NOIR From ARGENTINA That Stands Out in a Sea of MALBECS

Pinot noir grapes. CreditPiero Incisa della Rocchetta

MAINQUÉ, Argentina — The  flat, dry  Río Negro Valley on the northern end of Patagonia won’t strike anybody as a glamorous  wine region...

But glamour did not draw Piero Incisa della Rocchetta to the Río Negro... The old pinot noir vines did - along with promising soils - a sparkling  climate and a dream of creating a self-sustaining wine estate...